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Full Name: Beatrix Hypatia
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 4/5/187 AH
Class: Electroneer
Role: 2nd year student at ECE
Location: Steamport City - West End Ruins
Hatchwood Wilds - Thicket Woods
Ridgeback Highlands - Paydirt Summit

Beatrix is a 2nd year college student at the Electrical College of Nidaria, she is an Electroneer. Currently in her internship with Victory Labs. Beatrix is completing her internship as Otto Von Tesla's assistant in the field, which mostly calls for her wandering Steamport City Ruins picking up readings from his experiments. Unfortunately she's not much of a fighter, so she requires help often! You first meet her when she needs your help to get the data from Steamport City Barometrics. She is continuously on the move though, so finding her will require some searching.



Beatrix is one of the three Electroneers known in the game so far.

Beatrix SteamportCityLocation

Beatrix's Steamport City location

Beatrix HatchwoodWildsLocation

Beatrix's Hatchwood Wilds location

Beatrix RidgebackHighlandsLocation

Beatrix's Ridgeback Highlands location

Electroneer Beatrix