EXP/CP at level 1*: 3
Health at level 1*: 90
Attack at level 1*: 8
Defense: 0
Drops: Standard Drops
Firewood (common)
Forest Twig (quest)
Blowgrub Head (quest)
Locations: Hatchwood Wilds
Ridgeback Highlands
Notes: None
XP per Health: 0.033

Blowgrubs are giant, inflated Mimics that float in the air. Although they do not attack, they will block your way, forcing you to kill them to proceed.


Tips & AttacksEdit

Blowgrubs can only damage you by coming in contact with you. They do not actively try to touch you, but will instead float directly in front of you. If you hit a Blowgrub, it flies in the opposite direction you hit it, forcing you to chase after it or wait for it to come back to you. The up and down directional attacks do not knock Blowgrubs back.

Special attacks can easily take Blowgrubs down if used correctly.


With the Aeronaut's ranged attack it is fairly easy to keep enough distance between yourself and the Blowgrub at which point it simply becomes attacking it until it is dead.


Simply attack it until it is dead. At times, your regular "S" attack will not be able to hit the Blowgrub, so instead use your "Up Arrow key" and "S" key to use an elevated reach attack.


Simply attack it until it is dead. Your downward swipe won't send it flying, so use it to save time.

Additional InformationEdit

Sprocket DataEdit

Mimics of Hatchwood Wilds Blowgrub

Sprocket Image for the Blowgrub

From Mimics of Hatchwood Wilds: Blowgrub:

  • This Mimic stays afloat by inflating itself with Haze. It curiously floats towards any possible threat.
    First Encounter: Thicket Woods

Quest RelevanceEdit

Trophy FarmingEdit

  • Follow the Firewood farming route, making a small detour to the right at the fourth room to kill the extra Blowgrub and another detour to the left at the eighth room. Focus on just the Blowgrubs, and when you reach the bottom checkpoint, jump back to the drop point and start again. This route will get you 13 Blowgrubs.
Hatchwood Wilds Blowgrub

A map of Hatchwood Wilds with the locations of Blowgrubs

Hatchwood Wilds Blowgrub Hunt

Red line is the best path to hunt down Blowgrub, for both trophy farming and Firewood farming. Just teleport back to where you start and use the same path. Total Blowgrub: 11

Blowgrub Ridgeback Highlands

Blowgrubs Locations in Ridgeback Highlands

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