Brewing is an activity in which players can brew their own restoring items in Victory Labs by talking to Gerard. It is available to both Nidarian Guard and free players, though the latter only has access to three Fizzes. Each item that you brew requires 6 Empty Bottles and various fruits and vegetables that you either collect while killing Mimics or grow in your garden. You get 6 restorative items for doing these mini-quests, and they restore quite a bit more health than the food items you give for the quest, so most people find it worth the time and effort to complete these mini-quests.

These brewing mini-quests take a day to complete, so similarly to Gardening, you will have to check back with Gerard the next day to collect your freshly brewed restorative items.

There are 22 types of Fizz in total. 11 Fizz types can be made from items you can grow and the other 11 can be made from items that are dropped by Mimics in-game and randomly sold by Madame Bristlecone who is located on level F.

When you make a Fizz with Gardening produce, it will always take 3 of that item and 6 Empty Bottles. When you make a Fizz from a item drop or going to Madame Bristlecone, it will always take 6 of that item and 6 Empty bottles.

Brewing also leads to you receiving Trophies. There are overall brewing trophies that brewing any of the fizzes will contribute to, and there are also single trophies for brewing specific types of fizz.

Brewing Tips for New PlayersEdit

Save the ingredients for Fizzes that drop off of Mimics, such as Sweet Makopas which everyone can brew. Although it may be tempting to use them right away so you gain a slight health boost, if you save them the Fizzes you get will restore 500 health and are extremely helpful. Try to save everything if you're a Nidarian Guard Member, and if you're a free player, than save the things you can use. Good Luck!

Brewing a Fizz prevents you from receiving any Baking quests which have ingredients in common with a Fizz being brewed. For example if you have started brewing a Rosedrop Fizz, you can't make Orchard Gumbo, because it requires Makopas. Cecilia will tell you that you're doing something with the ingredients that she needs and will not let you do the quest. The same applies if you have started brewing the day before and have not yet picked up the Fizz.

To avoid such problems one should always first pick up yesterday's Fizzes, then do today's Baking and then start brewing new Fizzes.

Brewing ListEdit

Name Ingredient(s) Bottles NG-only
Bittermouth Fizz 6 Fiddlehead Ferns 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Black n' Blue Fizz 6 Huckleberries 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Calluan Fizz 6 Longans 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Cloudsicle Fizz 6 Cloudberries 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Crybaby Fizz 3 Onions 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Custard Creek Fizz 6 Pawpaws 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Fireside Fizz 3 Turmeric 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Gardenbite Fizz 3 Jalapenos 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Goodbody Fizz 3 Tomatoes 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Green Cream Fizz 6 Milkweed Pods 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Harenip Fizz 3 Carrots 6 Empty Bottles No
Jack-o-Juice Fizz 3 Pumpkins 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Loves-Me-Not Fizz 3 Dahlias 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Pinefresh Fizz 6 Spruce Tips 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Redroot Fizz 3 Radishes 6 Empty Bottles No
Rosedrop Fizz 6 Makopas 6 Empty Bottles No
Serpentine Fizz 6 Dragon Fruits 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Spicewind Fizz 3 Ginger 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Steamshot Fizz 3 Beans 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Sugarlump Fizz 6 Sweetsops 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Sunset Fizz 6 Ackees 6 Empty Bottles Yes
Superstarch Fizz 3 Potatoes 6 Empty Bottles Yes