Current BugsEdit

  • There are areas where Crags can stand in walls because they swing or grapple up into them.
  • Spamming divebomb at the correct times can make a ferric swim' upstream like a salmon.
  • Spores may sometimes get "caught" on walls if the enemy was killed alongside it. While this isn't usually an issue, if Riverfang in the Riverfang Returns sidequest is killed over a section of wall, the spores become completely trapped.
  • Using the crag's 'downward swipe' attack on watergrubs does not throw them.
  • When dropping through platforms and getting hit at the same time, your invincibility sometimes doesn't work and you get hit constantly. This does lots of damage, and can sometimes kill you when you aren't even close to dying.
  • A few bugs are caused by lag. You might see multiples of the same character in one float.
  • During certain quests, mimipedes will spin arround in midair if the platform they were crawling on is removed, like a door, for example.
  • Sometimes the fire animation does not show, and you may see a firegrub that isn't on fire.
  • Sometimes when you press 'ENTER' to chat, the chat submit may get stuck on your screen and it will not go away until you log out. You will become "stuck". SInce there aren't multiple reports of this happening, this may not be part of the game's problem.

Old Fixed BugsEdit

  • Respawning in co-op can make a player freeze.
  • In Nidaria, when facing the opposite direction, you can ride the lifts backwards.
  • When entering a new area and lagging, a person can click the menu button, when he goes back, all the mimics and barriers would disappear, allowing a person to go straight to a remnant at level 1. However this later causes problems with missions.
  • Sometimes you can still move after death, and when you go to another area while doing this, you're practically dead, so you need to restart the game.
  • Sometimes when jumping to another area, you can grab onto an invisible wall when you fall, it's not that harmful, but sometimes annoying.
  • Healing items sometimes do not work.
  • If you change rooms in the process of dying, the sepia overlay remains when you respawn.
  • A Ferric that does a divebomb off the bottom of one screen will transition to the lower screen and immediately bounce back to the first screen, even if it has to bounce off of thin air to do so.
  • Ferrics can divebomb while being grabbed by a Grabrat. Doing so can cause the ferric to bounce in midair as if they had hit the ground.
  • Pidgebees may still be able to build up (once) if the hivehat is killed by a tumblejump when they are still building up.

Vadin the Crag stands inside a wall without expending energy


Vadin the Crag has respawned, but everything is tinted.


After killing Riverfang, these spores are completely inaccessible.