Captain Meelie
Captain Meelie
Full Name: Captain Amelia "Meelie" G. Hardy
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 08/28/171 AH
Class: Aeronaut
Role: Captain - Head Navigator
Location: Nidaria - A: Main Dock

Captain Amelia "Meelie" G Hardy (08/28/171 - Present) is the first person in Nidaria the player character will meet after finishing the tutorial, no matter the class. The Aeronaut captain will assist the player by offering them help to get to the Steam City Ruins after they have started their first mission. Her older brother, Lucas (born 04/12/166 AH), has distanced himself from her family since the death of her father, and she lives with her mother, Gretchen Hardy (born 139 AH) who has had several bouts of illness, most recently a bad case of Haze Lung.

Meelie owns and operates the Veruna II , launched in 199AH. Flying has been an important part of her life for a long while. Applying for her Captain's license as soon as she was able, she took on a job piloting a Waste Management ship. Before joining the army, she would arrive at work early to take the ship out for practice and sightseeing around Nidaria's perimeter.


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