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There are three playable classes in Remnants of Skystone: Aeronauts, Crags and Ferrics. Aeronauts have a jetpack and fire bursts of ether-infused steam from blaster cuffs. They do more damage the closer they are to enemies, or they can throw a continuous stream of steam at close range. Crags are faster and hardier, using an arm mounted whip to swing through areas and zip up heights. They can also cling to walls, but their action charge time is a lot slower than the Aeronaut. Ferrics are purely melee, and have the largest moveset, being able to back dash, double-jump, climb walls and dive attack, however their close ranged nature causes them to get hit a lot more.

There is also a fourth, much rarer class called Electroneer. It is not yet playable, and notable Electroneers include Otto von Tesla and Beatrix

Character CreationEdit

At the beginning of the game the player can choose one of the three classes. Stat wise they're all identical, but they do different amounts of damage based on their play styles (Aeronauts are long ranged, Crags are mid ranges and Ferrics close ranged.) The three classes also dress differently to distinguish themselves from one another. Aeronauts wear more traditional steampunk attire with vests, fancy pants and goggles. Crags wear more American cowboy clothing with ten gallon hats and neck kerchiefs. Ferrics are more tribal with a gypsy touch, using tattoos and long intricate clothing.

In Alpha, it was impossible to buy and equip new clothing. In Beta, Lana Westwood's Clothing Emporium was released, and clothes can be worn across the classes.

Note that you can wear any clothing as any class; your options are only restricted when you are creating your character. If you want, for example, an Aeronaut with a cowboy hat, you'll need to buy the hat from the Clothing Emporium first, but afterwards you can wear it.


Here on the wiki, you can tell us what classes you use on your profile with Userboxes. Just add {{Aeronaut User}}, {{Crag User}}, or {{Ferric User}} to your profile.

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