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Crimson Tank
Crimson Tank
Does not include weapon.
Type: Clothes
# of Pieces 4
Full List: Body Armor
Leg Armor
Store: Brass Purchase
Dates Available: unknown
Style: Armor resembling a steampunk knight. A variation of the Steamtank Armor
Related Brands Steamtank

Crimson Tank is a clothing set awarded to players who purchase 50,000 Brass for 1000 Kreds. It is similar in design to the Steamtank, with red color highlights instead of the usual brown ones.


Body ArmorEdit

Crimson Tank Body Armor 1

  • Type: Jacket
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --

Leg ArmorEdit

Crimson Tank Leg Armor

  • Type: Bottom
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --


Crimson Tank Boots

  • Type: Shoes
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --


Crimson Tank Helmet

  • Type: Accessory
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --