Full Name: Cypress
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 6/10/189 AH
Class: Ferric
Role: Runner of Mimicology Department
Location: Nidaria - C: Sprocket Park

Cypress is the receptionist at the Mimicology Department, which is located right next door to the Housing Department Window on the top-most floor of Nidaria. He is a Ferric of unknown tribal origins, as is his brother Sycamore, who runs the neighboring department. While Sycamore seems fairly bored by his job, Cypress seems comparatively excited to be where he is.

Department of Mimicology Edit

Cypress will ask the player to gather data on each of the Mimics during the Mimicology Quests; each of these quests needs the player to wait one day for Cypress to study the items you collected from each of the Mimics and to create a Sprocket for them. Those quests are chained, so you need to complete one quest to access the following one; it is also necessary to have killed at least one of that species of Mimic. Cypress also hosts Nidarian Guard exclusive daily Mimicology quests that involve mimics only Nidarian Guards may fight, such as Harpoons and Trenchfoots.

Sprocket InformationEdit

Cypress happily runs the Department of Mimicology in Nidaria. He keeps detailed notes and drawings on the Mimics, diligently recording them in sprockets. His hands are full in Nidaria, so he often has to outsource his field work to recruits in town. --Sprocket "Ferric Bros.: Cypress"


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