Etherite Geode


Etherite Geodes are dropped by dying Fungi, primarily in Trailblazing runs (where large amounts are easily obtainable), but there are also a few places they can be obtained in the adventure worlds by killing Fungus Heads. (Fungus Heads will drop only one Etherite Geode when killed in the single player worlds). Etherite Geodes are also sometimes dropped by the crates in one room in Camp Calluna.

This table shows the number of of Etherite Geodes dropped by the different Co-op Fungi. Geodes collected by either partner during a co-op are pooled together for equal distribution along with the other rewards at the end of the Co-op.

Name Etherite GeodeGeodes
Bulbwall 6
Door Fungus 5
Fungeye 25
Fungus Core/Head 5
Fungus Tentacle 10
Haze Turret 5
NG Trail Boss 25
Plugbulb 10
Snarewhip 11
Spinnaker 10
Sporejaw 11
Sporeshell 11
Stepper Mushroom 5
Thornblossom 10

They are used in the construction of Etherillium Tubes for use in the Spectra Circuit, a Nidarian Guard-only feature.

Etherite GeodeGeodes are also used the the creation of Etherillium Bars. It costs 600 Etherite GeodeGeodes and three pieces of Firewood to make an Etherillium Bar at the Hatchwood Wilds Blast Furnace. The area has to be completed to receive the Iron Making (WY0003) quest from Wystan, which unlocks the Blast Furnace. The bars can then be rolled into Etherillium Rolls at the Rolling Mill in Steamport City (the Rolling Mill quest can only be obtained from Wystan after completing Steamport City). Etherillium Rolls can be sold to Otto von Tesla at Victory Labs for 200 SporeLargeSpores per roll.

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