A used and empty planter box.

Gardening is an extra activity that allows you to plant and harvest a series of plants that can be used as food, quest items or as ingredients for Brewing or Baking. It takes place in Steamport City in a room that contains 5 Planter Boxes.



Steamport City. Blue dot is the Water Pump. Yellow dot is the planter boxes.Red dot is the recommended checkpoint to enter steamport city


Hatchwood Wilds. Red dot with the arrow pointing at it is the Composter.

Each plant requires one Bag of Compost and a seed. Each Bag needs five Compost Scraps, dropped by several monsters, and is processed by the Composter in the Thicket Woods. Seeds are bought in bundles of five from Madame Bristlecone for thirty spores. After having collected the necessary items, the player can start planting by selecting one of the 5 Planter Boxes and choosing the desired vegetable from the dialog box that will open up. The plant will need to be watered for three days by refilling an Empty Water Can each time at the Water Pump. The "day" ends at 3:00 AM EST, 12:00 AM PST (12:00 AM Nidarian Time), 8:00 AM GMT. You may need to visit Nidaria after midnight NT to be able to water. Each planter box will yield one item. Even if the player skips one day of watering, the plant won't ever wither away and die. After three days of watering, the player can harvest the desired item from the following day.

The water pump animation has been removed, it will be missed.

List of Gardened ItemsEdit

The player can choose to plant and harvest 12 different types of vegetables:


To garden, you must complete the Hatchwood Wilds mission line and Hawthorn's sidequests. Lieutenant Driscoll's Radish Garden sidequest will walk you through how to garden. In particular after completing Hatchwood Wilds, to access the Planter Boxes the player has to complete the following chain of sidequests:

Usage of Gardened ItemsEdit