Hatchwood Wilds Circuit Run

This map shows the recommended route to get all 6 checkpoints. You may start at ANY checkpoint, but the drop point should be easier to start at.

  • Brief: Restore Power to the Hatchwood Drop Points
  • From: Otto von Tesla
  • Location: Hatchwood Wilds
  • Prerequisites: Hatchwood Wilds cleared
  • Objectives:
    • Restore the Drop Point Tubes (6/6)
    • Return to Tesla
  • NPC: The Checkpoint Tubes installed around the Hatchwood Wilds have all been disconnected from the Etherillium circuit, and we're losing the valuable protection the emitted Ether gives us against Haze and swarms of Mimics. We have yet to discover what is causing our Tube installations to be disconnected, but I suspect some sort of Mimics are involved.
    In the meantime, it's essential that we restore the Ether Tubes at the checkpoints, so once again we've installed breaker switches that you'll need to use to reactivate them. While the circuit is open, the Ether tubes around the perimeter are disabled, so you'll need to be quick about switching all of the breakers to complete the circuit. After you hit a switch, you'll have 2 minutes to reach the next Checkpoint and activate it, as Haze will be quickly filling the area.
    We mustn't let the Haze overtake the Hatchwood Wilds, or the Calluan Ferrics' Camp in the forest! Make it to all 6 Checkpoints to restore power to all of the Ether Tubes, and report back when you've completed the task!
  • Reward: New Sprocket (Etherillium: Drop Point), 50 XP, 150 Spores

Otto von Tesla/Beatrix Chain