EXP/CP at level 1*: 1
Health at level 1*: 14 (2 hits in co-ops*)
Attack at level 1*: 5
Defense: 0
Drops: Standard Drops
Empty Bottle (common)
Hazebug Glower (quest)
Locations: Steamport City
Hatchwood Wilds
Ridgeback Highlands
Co-op Trailblazing
Notes: none.
XP per Health: 0.071

Hazebugs are bee-like Mimics that fly back and forth. They are non-aggressive and will only cause damage if you make contact.


Tips & AttacksEdit


At a relatively early level, you should be able to one-hit these at medium range. After a few more levels, you should be able to one-hit them from most ranges. Just make sure to stay away from it, and you should be fine.


At a pretty early level you should be able to one-hit kill these so all you have to do is just attack them. If you really want to avoid damage you should use your double jump attack from one side or another of it.


At a pretty early level you should be able to one-hit kill these so all you have to do is downswipe low ones and jump up to whip high ones.

Additional InformationEdit

Sprocket DataEdit

Mimics of Steamport City Hazebug

From Mimics of Steamport City: Hazebug:

  • This winged Mimic endlessly flies back and forth. Its limbs have sharp hooks and its backside emits a soft pink glow.
    First Encounter: West End Ruins

Quest RelevanceEdit

Trophy FarmingEdit

There's a room in Steamport City containing five Hazebugs and one Pidgefly. The first room of the route is the room below the bridge near the West End Ruins Drop Point and contains six Pidgeflies. The Hazebug room is to the right of the first room. The next room to the right has: one Pidgebomber and one Pidgefly. And the last room has 3 pidgebombers. Clear all four of these rooms and restart under the bridge. This route kills 7 Pidgeflies, 5 Hazebugs, and 4 Pidgebombers.

Steamport City Hazebug

Hazebugs Locations in Steamport City

Hazebug Hatchwood Wilds

Hazebugs Locations in Hatchwood Wilds

Hazebug Ridgeback Highlands

Hazebugs Locations in Ridgeback Highlands

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