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Located in Sprocket Park.


Interior: Cypress and Sycamore.

The Housing Department is inside the building on Sprocket Park, Nidaria's top level. It is run by Sycamore right next to the window where his brother Cypress runs the Mimicology Department. It was not usable in alpha and was integrated in beta.


Sycamore provides the following services:

  • Float Additions: For the price of 43 Kreds the player can purchase additional floors for his Float. There is no limit to the amount of floors a float can have. Wallpaper and flooring is not consistent for each floor, realistically allowing the player to change the colour of the wall in one floor, and not have it affect the others.
  • Move Clusters: The player can choose which Cluster his/her float is located in.
  • Float of the Week Voting: You can visit other players' floats and vote for them using the vote button next to the portrait of the player in the top left hand corner of the screen. The top 3 rated floats at the end of the week get Plaques for their float. You can visit specific players floats by searching their name in the search bar under the clusters menu from the map screen. At the end of the voting week (every Saturday), you get 1 Nidarian Point for every vote you cast, up to 50.