Lieutenant Driscoll
Lieutenant Driscoll
Full Name: Lieutenant Dennis Driscoll III
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 05/30/159 AH
Class: Aeronaut
Role: Lieutenant Runner of Rook Co-op Barracks
Location: Nidaria - E: Barracks

Lieutenant Dennis Driscoll III (05/30/159 AH - Present) takes care of the Co-op Barracks. He is a retired Aeronaut, a former member of the Rooks who lost use of his legs after a crash-landing and a Hexaboar attack; which has left him somewhat embittered toward the creatures, although not towards people. He has been known to make the beasts' tusks into necklaces for acquaintances. Driscoll has an upbeat demeanor and generally hangs outside the barracks in his Steam-Powered Wheelchair telling passers-by about recent co-op triumphs, or signing them up for Trailblazing Missions. Players are given the option of three weekly courses to do, and can join a queue waiting to be paired up for a mission. Lt. Driscoll also tells players the winners of last weeks competition and also hands out a small number of Sidequests.

The Lieutenant can be found by descending the pole to the right of Captain Meelie or ascending the ladder from Madame Bristlecone's shop.
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Lt. Driscoll: Introduction: Born Dennis Driscoll the 3rd on 5/30/159 AH, Lieutenant Driscoll is a friend to many in Nidaria. He runs the Rook Co-op Barracks in Nidaria Deck E. He is also in charge of pairing up recruits for his weekly Trailblazing Missions.

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