Metal Crafting involves using Ores and Firewood to create Metal Bars and Metal Rolls that can be sold for SporeLargeSpores.

Step 1: Ores and FirewoodEdit

Basic OresEdit

Basic Ores are dropped by all Mimics, but some have a higher chance to drop a particular Ores. Mimics with high drop rates for each are listed below.

Gold Farming Route

Gold Route: Yellow squares indicate mimics that drop Gold.

Copper Ore Collecting Root

Copper Route: Blue dot is Mimipede, yellow dot is Stonehog, and green dot is Snapshell.

Zinc farming

Zinc Route: The red line is the suggested route

Ores Picture Mimics
Copper Copper Ore Snapshell, Stiltskin, Mimipede, Stonehog
Gold Gold Ore Bulkskin, Swampfoot, Stinger, Pale Steed
Iron Iron Ore Rockbug, Pustosser, Quilltoad, Stinkstrider
Silver Silver Ore Pidgebomber, Stinkbird, Wallglider, Wallworm
Tin Tin Ore Rockrat, Hackworm, Mimitaur, Jellywog
Zinc Zinc Ore Boulder Bison, Crawback, Hexaboar, Matterhorn

Special OresEdit

These are special Ores. Unlike basic Ores, they have different characteristics.


Coal Collect Trail

Each red square marks a Firegrub or Hellhopper. The yellow line is the suggested trail. A picture of the coal is attached.

Coal is only dropped by the following mimics. Coal is only used to make Steel, which requires Iron.

Empty BottlesEdit

While not technically Ores, Empty Bottles are still used in Metal Crafting. Bottles are used to make Glass Bars, the only bar that can not be rolled at the Rolling Mill. All Mimics drop Empty Bottles, but the following Mimics have a higher chance.

Etherite GeodesEdit

Etherite GeodeGeodes are only dropped by Fungi. The only Fungi in Adventure Gameplay are Fungus Heads, Fungus Cores, Door Fungi, Bulbwalls, Plugbulbs, and Sporeshells. Only Fungus Heads and Fungus Cores drop Etherite GeodeGeodes in Adventure Gameplay, and both drop only one Geode. All other Fungi appear only in Co-op. The number of Etherite GeodeGeodes dropped is also listed.

Name Etherite GeodeGeodes
Bulbwall 6 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Door Fungus 5 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Fungeye 25 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Fungus Core 5 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Fungus Head 5 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Fungus Tentacle 10 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Haze Turret 5 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Plugbulb 10 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Snarewhip 11 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Spinnaker 10 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Sporejaw 11 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Sporeshell 11 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Stepper Mushroom 5 Etherite GeodeGeodes
Thornblossom 10 Etherite GeodeGeodes


Hatchwood Wilds Blowgrub Hunt

Red line show a trail that has a total of 11 Blowgrub. Teleport back to where you start after you finish. The Blowgrub should respawn again.

Three pieces of Firewood are required for every bar made at the Blast Furnace. Alloy bars (like Bronze) require extra Firewood.

Step 2: The Blast FurnaceEdit

Blast Furnace location

The Red dot indicates the location of the Blast Furnace.

The Blast Furnace is a machine in the game that allows you to create Metal Bars out of materials. It is the second step in Metal Crafting. The Furnace is located in Hatchwood Wilds, Charred Forest in the small room above the Charred Forest checkpoint and is first seen in the side-quest Iron Making (WY0003). The Blast Furnace can turn Basic Ores into Basic Bars, which can then be made in to Alloy Bars or rolled at the Rolling Mill. A list of Bars is shown below.

The Blast Furnace has a trophy for making a total of 250 Metal Bars. There are also trophies for each individual metal, called Bar Trophies. They are awarded for making 50 Rolls of each metal. Note that these trophies are awarded for Rolls, not Bars, as the name would imply.

Metal Bars

Step 3: The Rolling MillEdit

Rolling Mill Location

The Red dot indicates the location of the Rolling Mill.

The Rolling Mill is a location in Steamport City that can turn bars made from the Blast Furnace into Metal Rolls for Sidequests or can be sold for SporeLargeSpores to Otto von Tesla, Wystan or Lana Westwood. The exception is Glass Bars, which can be sold directly to Otto von Tesla. Only the Bar is neccessary to make a Metal Roll, no other items are required. A list of Rolls is shown below.

The Rolling Mill has a set of 6 trophies. Trophies are awarded for the total number of Rolls made at the Mill.

  • Bronze: Requires creation of 60 total rolls of metals.
  • Silver: Requires creation of 120 total rolls of metals, or 60 in addition to the 60 required for the Bronze.
  • Gold: Not yet determined.
  • Deluxe Bronze: Requires 100 in addition to those required for the Gold.
  • Deluxe Silver: Requires 150 in addition to those required for the DX Bronze.
  • Deluxe Gold: Requires 250 in addition to those required for the DX Silver.
Metal Rolls

Crafting for ProfitEdit

It is possible to use Metal Crafting and Rolling as a way to gain SporeLargeSpores. Etherillium Rolls and Glass Bars can be sold to Otto von Tesla; Gold Rolls to Lana Westwood; while all the other Metal Rolls can be sold to Wystan.

Since each crafting phase costs 3 Firewood, the amount of Firewood you have dictates how much crafting you can do. The profit per Firewood for each craftable item is as follows, with most profitable first:

Name Sold to Price
Brass Roll Wystan 225 SporeLargeSpores
Bronze Roll Wystan 225 SporeLargeSpores
Copper Roll Wystan 100 SporeLargeSpores
Etherillium Roll Otto 200 SporeLargeSpores
Glass Bar Otto 100 SporeLargeSpores
Gold Roll Lana 200 SporeLargeSpores
Iron Roll Wystan 100 SporeLargeSpores
Silver Roll Wystan 100 SporeLargeSpores
Steel Roll Wystan 225 SporeLargeSpores
Tin Roll Wystan 100 SporeLargeSpores
Zinc Roll Wystan 100 SporeLargeSpores


In order to craft metal, you must complete the Hatchwood Wilds mission line and Wystan's sidequests. Wystan's Iron Making (WY0003) sidequest will walk you through how to create Metal Bars.
In particular after completing Hatchwood Wilds, to access the Blast Furnace the player has to complete the following chain of sidequests: