Skystone 101 Mimics

A basic description of mimics.

Mimics are creatures that appeared shortly after the Skystone exploded. Mimics reside in areas that were once covered in Haze. They seem to take the form of the native animals and native races of that area. The mimic population is very diverse. There are three humanoid mimics, the Ferromimic , Mimic Aeronaut and Mimicrag. When Mimics die, they combust in a purple flame. Most mimics are aggressive and attack players on sight. There are about 65 different discovered types of mimics. Upon death, Mimics can also drop spores, which are used as currency in Nidaria. Mimics emit a vague hum when approached, possibly to identify non-mimics and mimics. mimics seem to have some sort of intelligence as they are sometimes seen guarding valuable items.

Note: Mimics will level up when you earn the trophy for that mimic.


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