Mission Deployment

The Mission Deployment desk.

Missions are the manner in which players can advance through the world of Etherea. Completing Missions is not only your Nidarian Duty, it unlocks new areas on the map. Missions are assigned at the Mission Deployment counter on the Nidarian Docks by the Deployment Officer, located by the Shopping Floor access rig.
Maps are marked as follows:
Red, yellow, green, blue, and white dots: Objectives.
Yellow arrows: Bulbwall. Bulbwalls are only traversable one way in the direction the arrow is pointing. Bulbwalls do not respawn once killed.
Pink rectangles: Haze. Haze is usually bypassed with switches.
Green squares: Switches. They are used to remove Haze.
Black rectangles: Other blocked paths. This includes miscellaneous things like the doors to Gearlock Factory or the manhole at the Sewer Inlet, etc.

For what other quests become available after each Mission, see the Sidequests page.

IMPORTANT: If you are only looking for the solution to one specific mission, you may want to find its specific mission page. This page may be a spoiler alert for you.

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