Nidarian Guard Emblem and yellow marking during gameplay

Nidarian Guard (NG) is the term used to describe a player who pays a subscription fee, gaining various in-game benefits. Nidarian Guards are easily recognizable, as they have their name marked in yellow color during gameplay in Nidaria. Nidarian Guard is effective for every character the player has created under the membership account.

Purchase PricesEdit

Nidarian Guard membership is purchased using Kredicon Kreds. The prices are listed below:

  • 1 Month: 75 Kredicon Kreds ($7.50 USD)
  • 6 Months: 300 Kredicon Kreds ($30.00 USD) (Save 150 kreds!)
  • 12 Months: 500 Kredicon Kreds ($50.00 USD) (Save 400 kreds!)
  • Lifetime: 1000 Kredicon Kreds ($100.00 USD) - this also comes with two Float additions and an Admiral outfit


There are various benefits for being a Nidarian Guards. The most important ones are:


Once the membership in the Nidarian Guard expires, most of NG extra features become unavailable. All changeable features (i.e. the Spectra Circuit) are remembered should the membership be resumed. However, BrassCoin Brass and levels earned over the usual level 30 cap are retained.

Comparing NGs and non-NGsEdit

# non - NG's Nidarian Guard
Classes 3 3
Extra Attacks - 2
Level Cap 30 40
Daily Quest BrassCoin Brass 7 92-104
Spectra Circuit No Yes
Store Discount No 10% off Spores
Shops 5 9
Baking Recipes 21 42
Fizz Brewing 3 23
# of Co-op you can do 3 3
# of Co-ops you can invite 2 3
Can Garden all Plants? Yes Yes
Can Craft all Metals? Yes Yes
Ground Areas 3 3
Floats? Yes Yes
Extermination Quests? No Yes


Here on the wiki, you can tell us if you're NG. Just add {{NG User}} to your profile.

Nidarian Guard This user is a member of the Nidarian Guard.