Nidarian Points

Nidarian Points indicators: during gameplay and in the Stats menu

Nidarian Points (NP NP) are gained in various ways, but usually by completing Co-op Trailblazing missions with other players. Nidarian Points currently have no use, except that you get a star when you reach a certain amount of points up to 999,999. Nidarian Points are a good indication of how much time a player has spent playing Remnants of Skystone.

Number of Stars Nidarian Points
NP 100 NP NP
NPNP 5,000 NP NP

Earning Nidarian Points Edit

Co-op Trailblazing Edit

You get 10 NP NP for each completed mission with another player. Repeated co-op runs with the same player will reward you will less points each time. Players then get 5 points for the second run, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1 point for each time you continue.

Float of the Week voting Edit

Every week, everyone gets 50 votes to use for voting others' Floats. One vote is worth 1 NP NP, so players can get 50 NP NP a week this way. The votes are counted and reset every Sunday.

Quests Edit

You can also earn Nidarian Points by completing various quests.

Experience Points conversion (NG only) Edit

Nidarian Guard members who have their characters at level 40 earn 1 Nidarian Point for each 100 experience points gained.

Bonus NP periods Edit

During bonus NP periods, you gain a multiple of the normal NP at the end of trailblazing missions. During a double bonus period trailblazing earns you between 2 - 20 NP NP while during a triple bonus period trailblazing earns you between 3 - 30 NP NP. So far two double and three triple bonus periods have occurred.

Players With Over 5000 Nidarian PointsEdit

This is a list of players based on their Nidarian Points. Do not add players' names if they do not want to be included on this list, or have less than 5000 NP NP.

NPNPNP Three Star Players NPNPNPEdit

Rank Username Approx. NP NP
1 simianfarmer 71,700
2 witsd 69,400 
3 Linousan 66,400
4 Wistler 59,900
5 vrdn22 55,900
6 Lewolfer 54,600

NPNP Two Star Players NPNPEdit








Here on the wiki, you can tell everyone about how many stars you have. Just add {{One Star User}}, {{Two Star User}}, {{Three Star User}}, {{Four Star User}}, or {{Five Star User}} to your profile.

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