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This page lists all of the Quest chains. Quest chains are a series of Quests involving a small number of NPCs. Usually, the only prerequisite of a Quest in a Quest chain will be the previous Quest, however, some have others (for example, some require the garden, which is acquired during LD0002). All Quests are notated based on the Quest Table.

While Missions and Mimicology can be considered Quest chains, they are not listed on this page.

The following is transcluded from Quests Table:

Table GuideEdit


The color of a Quest is a indication of the type of the Quest.


The Type of a quest is what the type of the quest is. There are 6 categories: Missions, Letter, Rope, Speed, Quests, and Machine. Missions are given by Mission Deployment. You can only have one Letter quest at a time. Same with Rope Quests. Speed quests require you to get from point A to point B in a limited amount of time. Machine quests require you to use the Machine Press.

Prerequisites (Prereq)Edit

A prerequisite to a Quest is what you need to have done before starting the quest. The only prerequisite for Missions is to have done the previous mission.

Garden and FurnaceEdit

Gardening quests require you to Garden. Furnace quests require you to use the Furnace.


N - Nidaria

1 - Steamport City

2 - Hatchwood Wilds

3 - Ridgeback Highlands

Name (ID)Edit

This is how you will see the Quest in your Quest Log. All Quests have a unique name and a unique ID.


The NPC you get the Quest from.


What you receive for completing the Quest. All Quests reward 1 Sprocket, except for Seasonal Quests and Hazegrub Hunt (CM0006). All Missions reward 200 SporeLargeSpores in addition to their listed rewards. Some Quests may also reward XP.


Madame Bristlecone/Hawthorn/Gardening ChainEdit

Type Prereqs Garden/Furnace World Name (ID) Giver Reward
Quest MD0102 SC Dandelion Fizz (MB0002) Madame Bristlecone 6 Dandelion Fizz
Letter MB0002, MD0210 HW Steamport City Memorial (MB0004) Madame Bristlecone Camp Wallpaper
Quest OT0001, MB0004 SC Hawthorn in the City (MB0005) Madame Bristlecone Prayer Feathers (Furniture)
Quest MB0005 HW Compost Craft (HT0001) Hawthorn Small Plant
Quest HT0001 SC Water Can Thief (HT0002) Hawthorn Empty Water Can
Garden HT0002 5 Radishes SC Radish Garden (LD0002) Lieutenant Driscoll Potted Radish, 3 Radishes
Quest HT0001 HW Reishi Harvest (MB0006) Madame Bristlecone
Quest HT0001 HW Rainmaker (CJ0001) Chief Juniper Boiled Sweets
Quest LD0002 SC Cold Dark Nights (HT0003) Hawthorn
Garden LD0002 5 Ginger, 3 Turmeric SC Haze Fever (CMG0001) Chief MacGregor 2 Chocolate Rations

Wystan/Furnace ChainEdit

Type Prereqs Garden/Furnace World Name (ID) Giver Reward
Quest MD0110 SC Finish the Rolling Mill (WY0001) Wystan Brass Table
Quest WY0001 SC Sewer Recycling (WY0002) Wystan Sewer Table
Furnace WY0002, MD0210 1 Iron Bar HW Iron Making (WY0003) Wystan Iron Fence, Blast Furnace
Quest WY0003 SC Chain Repairs (WY0005) Wystan
Furnace MD0306, WY0003 2 Steel Rolls SC, RH Furniture Supplies (WY0007) Wystan Gearlock Wide Table

Rook Maxwell/Lana Westwood/Telescope ChainEdit

Type Prereqs Garden/Furnace World Name (ID) Giver Reward
Quest MD0101 SC Stiltskin Pelter (LW0001) Lana Westwood Stiltskin Vest
Quest LW0001, MD0210 SC, HW Shirts to the Wind (LW0002) Lana Westwood L Westwood Ringer
Quest LW0002, WY0003 HW Steadfast Stones (LW0003) Lana Westwood
Letter LW0003 Nidaria Question (MX0001) Rook Maxwell 10 NP NP, 2 Mixed Nuts
Garden MX0001, LD0002 5 Cotton SC Cotton Harvest (LW0004) Lana Westwood 30 SporeLargeSpores
Quest LW0004 SC A Gift of Chocolate (MX0002) Rook Maxwell
Garden MX0002 3 Dahlias SC Third Time's the Charm (MX0003) Rook Maxwell
Quest MX0003 HW Silk Supply (LW0005) Lana Westwood 2 Boiled Sweets
Machine MX0003 2 Glass Bars, 1 Zinc Roll,
2 Bronze Rolls, 1 Brass Roll
SC, HW Skyward Thoughts (MX0004) Rook Maxwell 2 Corned Beef
Quest MX0004 Nidaria Telescope Finished! (WY0006) Wystan Telescope

Otto von Tesla/Beatrix ChainEdit

Type Prereqs Garden/Furnace World Name (ID) Giver Reward
Quest MD0110 SC Steamport City Barometrics (OT0001) Otto von Tesla Barograph Display
Speed OT0001, MD0210 SC Steamport City Circuit (OT0002) Otto von Tesla
Quest OT0002 HW Water Samples (OT0005) Otto von Tesla
Machine OT0005 5 Copper Rolls SC, HW Base Construction (OT0006) Otto von Tesla
Quest OT0006 HW Ether Tubes for the Rooks (OT0007) Otto von Tesla
Quest OT0007 HW Stinkstrider Stampede (BX0002) Beatrix 2 Sarsaparillas
Quest BX0002 HW Grid Readings (BX0003) Beatrix Ginger Ale
Quest BX0003 RH Weather Balloons (OT0009) Otto von Tesla Weather Gizmo
Quest OT0009 RH Shocksprite Eggs (BX0004) Beatrix Mine Flooring
Speed OT0009 HW Hatchwood Circuit Run (OT0010) Otto von Tesla 150 SporeLargeSpores

Captain Meelie/Lucas Hardy ChainEdit

Type Prereqs Garden/Furnace World Name (ID) Giver Reward
Quest MD0110 SC Ration Supply Drop (CM0001) Captain Meelie 3 Chocolate Rations
Letter MD0106 SC Letter for Lucas (CM0003) Captain Meelie
Quest CM0003 SC Replacement Pulleys (CM0002) Captain Meelie
Letter MD0210, CM0003 HW Meelie's Mom (CM0004) Captain Meelie Ship in a Bottle
Furnace CM0004, WY0003 2 Glass Bars HW Cracked Windshield (CM0005) Captain Meelie
Quest MD0210, CM0005 HW Hazegrub Hunt (CM0006) **** Captain Meelie 100 BrassCoin Brass, 3 Dandelion Fizz
Letter CM0005 5 Gold Bars HW Late Payment (SM0001) Sycamore
Quest SM0001 HW Hookbilled! (LH0001) Lucas Hardy 50 Gold Ore

Minor ChainsEdit

Type Prereqs Garden/Furnace World Name (ID) Giver Reward
Bandero Chain
Speed MD0310 RH Mines in Darkness (BG0001) Bandero Grit Clampbright Lamp
Quest BG0001 RH Beast at the Peak (BG0002) Bandero Grit Whelk Boulder
Rope BG0002 RH Building a Bridge (AK0001) Bandero Arkose 6 White and 6 Blue Tiles
Skylark Chain
Quest MD0310 RH Medical Supplies (SV0001) Skylark Vesper Skylark in a Bottle
Quest SV0001 RH Mimicrag's Revenge (SV0002) Skylark Vesper 8 Iron Ore, 8 Copper Ore
Quest SV0002 RH Riverfang Returns (CO0001) Commander Owens 100 SporeLargeSpores, 3 Corned Beef
Madame Bristlecone Side Chain (Quests not involved in main set)
Quest MD0110 SC Mushroom Gathering (MB0001) Madame Bristlecone
Quest MB0001 SC Chestnut Gathering (MB0003) Madame Bristlecone Nuts
Commander Harris Chain
Quest Kill a Hexaboar HW Beware the Hexaboar (LD0001) Lieutenant Driscoll Fang Necklace
Quest LD0001, MD0210 HW Ferromimic Attack (CH0001) Commander Harris Bear Filtrate
Quest CH0001 HW Forest Supply Drop (CH0002) Commander Harris Chocolate Ration