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Remnants of Skystone is a flash based MMORPG, set in a steampunk world. It was developed by Flipline Studios and was first released on the flash gaming site Kongregate. It is set in the world of Etherea which previously had a large rock called the Skystone fall from the sky, later it cracked and haze spewed out, which is lethal for native life forms including humans. Among the affected were many animals, mutated from the Haze, turned into Mimics - ugly creatures that scatter the torn lands. The last survivors of humanity fled to a floating city called Nidaria where they sought refuge from the Haze below.

Kongregate Game DescriptionEdit

"NOW WITH WEAPONS! Platformer MMO set in a Steampunk world. 2D side-scrolling action in single-player and Co-op featuring three classes, each with their own move sets and abilities. Complete over 100 Missions and Quests in single-player, and team up with other players for Co-op Trailblazing with 3 new maps each week! Each player also receives housing called Floats, which you can decorate with spoils from quests or with items purchased in town. New Quests and content added weekly!"


Alpha PhaseEdit

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As of the alpha, only the Items tab is used.


Beta PhaseEdit

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All item tabs are used, but not all items are added yet.
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