Sidequests are quests that do not follow the plot of the main story, but instead are favors that NPCs ask you to do. Doing sidequests may earn you Sprockets, Experience Points, or any other miscellaneous reward. Introduced in Beta, these quests were not available in Alpha, which only had ten story missions to do.

See the Quests Table page for all non-NG Sidequests and Daily Quests merged with the Missions to show when each becomes available, and the special rewards.


  • If one quest needs one item that is used also in another quest that is in in your "Active Quests" log (like the Letter), said quest can't be accessed until the active quest is cleared or abandoned.
  • Quests with item collections, particularly Mimicologies, will sometimes leave you with extra quest items, such as parts of Mimics. This occurs when you collect too many items during the quest. Some of these, like Rope, are used in multiple quests. You can still accept other quests with rope, as long as you only have 1 active at a time. These items, however, will not stack.


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