Skystone Remnant

A skystone fragment.

The Skystone is a central plot point to the game Remnants of Skystone. In the Missions, The player is aiming to recover the Skystone fragments.


"The Skystone was worshiped & studied by the locals for ages. It's violent explosion marked the start of the era known as After the Haze (AH). Although many cultures have ancient stories to explain the Skystone, its true origin is unknown." -- Sprocket "Skystone 101: The Skystone"

"Ferrics believed that the Skystone was a massive egg, dropped from the heavens by the Great Ferron. When the Great Ferron died, it would be reborn within the Skystone. It would return to the sky, bringing along all worthy spirits." -- Sprocket "Ferric Lore: The Skystone"

"After some time, the hills dried up, leaving the townsfolk sad and out of work. Jack McCrag proclaimed that he would grapple the second moon from the sky, so that the townsfolk would have an endless supply of minerals to mine..." -- Sprocket "Crag Lore: Jack vs. Crag Skystone 1"

"After two long nights, Jack McCrag gave one last tug, freeing the Skystone and brining it hurdling towards him. Its crust, rich in ore, rained down across the land. But poor old Jack was crushed, with the Skystone as his own giant tomb." -- Sprocket "Crag Lore: Jack vs. Crag Skystone 2"