Skystone Remnant

Skystone Remnants are large pieces of rock that were said to have been broken off a meteor that fell to the ground named the Skystone. They are encased in large fungus that spew large amounts of haze and are usually guarded by a Boss Mimic.


Remnants of Skystone have been found curiously encased in large Haze-spewing fungus, and protected by enormous Mimic Guardians. these relics may hold clues about how to stop the spread of Haze. --Sprocket "Skystone 101: Skystone Remnant"

Skystone Remnants of interest have a central nodule that is embedded into the crystallized structure. Its teal, outer shell consists of cupric acetate. The inner cap is a complex polymer resembling "pyrrole black". --Sprocket "Skystone Remnants: Electrode"

The third Skystone that you find is different from the others, it has writing on it and the professor from vector labs says that he has seen this type of writing before from an ancient book. --Sprocket "Skystone Remnants: Inscription"