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Steamport City
Steamport City
Map of Steamport City
Type: Adventure Area
Location: Steamport City
Inhabitants: Mimics, Rooks

Steamport City is the remains of a pre-Haze Aeronaut city, and the first adventure area opened to players. It is split into three main areas - the above-ground West End Ruins, the Sewers, which are then split into the Ruins proper and the Factory above-ground as well as the Haze Run, Sewer Loop, and Boss Trail below.

Steamport City was originally named Steam City Ruins before Ridgeback Highlands was added in version 0.8.


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Map steamport city large

Detailed Steamport City Map


  • Drop Point
  • Ruins Water Tower
  • Commander Base
  • Factory Top
  • Factory Mid
  • Sump Pump
  • Sewer Entrance
  • Guardian


Room by RoomEdit

Experience gained by running through the entire room and killing every enemy.

NOTE: 2 Exps next to monsters read like this (first run exp, second run exp) because Fungus Heads don't come back until you leave Steamport City completely.

Starting at the drop pointEdit

Starting point - You start here. Dandelion to the left(0 xp)

South - Empty (0 xp)West - The Bridge (0 xp)

West - 2 Pugcrawlers (4 xp)

West - 1 Rockrat, 1 Stiltskin (5 xp)

West - 4 Snakehoppers, 2 Walldanglers (12 xp)

Going west again leads to the factory

South - Commander Base (0 xp)

Going West heads into the Commander Base Checkpoint, while heading east enters the Rolling Mill room.

South- 1 Hazebug, 1 Rockrat, 1 Stiltskin, 1 Tumor Pustosser (11 xp)

East - 1 Runner Stiltskin (3 xp)

East - 1 Pidgefly, 1 Rockrat, 1 Snakehopper, 1 Walldangler (8 xp)

North West - 2 Pugcrawlers (4 xp)

North - 4 Silksnakes (4 xp)

Back to the spot mentioned 2 lines higherEdit

East - 1 Hazebug, 1 Stiltskin, 1 Walldangler (6 xp)

South- 3 Hazebugs, 3 Walldanglers, 2 Fungus Heads (9/11 xp)

East - 1 Rockrat, 1 Snakehopper (4 xp)

East - 2 Pidgebombers (8 xp)

North - 3 Silksnakes (3 xp)

East - Maze (0 xp)

East - 2 Rockrats (4 xp)

North - 2 Hazebugs, 2 Silksnakes (4 xp)

Heading east leads you to the Ruins Water Tower Checkpoint

West - Maze (0 xp)

West- 0 exp NOTE:This room has 3 exits

Northwest Exit - Empty (0 xp) Heading east out of this room leads you to the second room you entered, which is noted above.

Southwest - Empty Room when you find it, used later for something (0 xp)

South - 3 Pidgebomber (12 xp)

West - 1 Pidgebomber, 1 Pidgefly (5 xp)

West - 5 Hazebugs, 1 Pidgefly (6 xp)

West - 6 Pidgeflies (6 xp)

Gearlock FactoryEdit

Factory Entrance- 5 exp/run

Factory, maze- No enemies

North- 4 exp/run

North- 4 exp/run + Batowls

North- 10 exp/run

East- Transition area

North west- Boss area, no respawning enemies

West- 16 exp/run

South- 7 exp/run

West- 18 exp/run

South- Maze

South- 8 exp/run

West- Maze

North- 13 exp/run

East! - 10 exp/run

East to the FINAL factory room- 17 exp/run

Haze Run, exp per roomEdit

Grinding room- 21 exp/run

West- 12 exp/run

North- 7 exp/run

Left side, south- 9 exp/run

West- 20 exp/run

West- No exp

After falling down hole, room to the East- 6 exp/run

East- 7 exp/run

South- 11 exp/run

East- 8 exp/run

East- 7 exp/run

East- End of Haze Run

Main sewer area (Excluding final area in the East and the Haze Run)Edit

Entrance Room- 5 exp/run

West- No exp in this room

West (To the right of grinding room)- 6 exp/run.

South- 16 exp/ run

South- Maze!

East- 8 exp/run

North!- 4 exp/run

East- 22 exp/run (The most in the game! Except... tougher)

North West- 6 exp/run

North East- 4 exp/run

East- 3 exp/run

Entrance to final area- 8 exp/run

Final AreaEdit

Starting one room to the East of above- 9 exp/run

North- 10 exp/run

South East- Maze

North East- 7 exp/run

East- 8 exp/run

South- No foes

East- Final boss of area 1. Respawning flies

East - Room with the Skystone fragment