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The Steamport City Boss Trail is the final area of Steamport City that the player gains access to and includes the Final Boss.

The following map shows the location to the Quilltoad.


Rooms Edit

Room 1 Edit

Entrance to final area- 8 exp/run

1x Pugcrawler

2x Grabrat

1x Rockrat

2x Batowl

Room 2 Edit

Starting one room to the East of above- 9 exp/run

5x Slugrat

2x Rockbug

Room 3 Edit

10 exp/run

1x Quilltoad

5x Pidgefly

Room 4 Edit


Room 5 Edit

7 exp/run

1x Pugcrawler

2x Slugrat

1x Grabrat

1x Pidgefly

Room 6 Edit

8 exp/run

2x Wallglider

2x Slugrat

Room 7 Edit

Empty (0 XP/run)

Room 8 Edit

Final Boss

2x Pidgefly (The Flybeast can spawn Pidgeflies, so the number differs. There are always two when you enter.)

1x Flybeast

Room 9 Edit

1x Boss Fungus

The Flybeast can spawn Pidgeflies, so the number differs.

Enemies Edit