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You may be looking for: Steamport Sewers, the complete sub area.

Main section of the Sewers, the third part of Steamport City that the player gains access to. The Loop is connected to the West End Ruins, the Haze Run and the Steamport City Boss Trail.

Rooms Edit

Room 1 Edit


The highlighted area is the sewer loop. The room with the red dot is room 11

5 exp/run

Room 2 Edit

No exp in this room

Room 3 Edit

6 exp/run.

Room 4 Edit

16 exp/ run

Room 5 Edit


Room 6 Edit


Room 7 Edit

4 exp/run

Room 8 Edit

22 exp/run (The most in the game! Except... tougher)

Room 9 Edit

6 exp/run

Room 10 Edit

4 exp/run

Room 11 Edit

3 exp/run

Enemies Edit