This is a message to all the Remnants of Skystone community, and a thank you to all the ones who contributed to the wiki.

It's been real.

Many moons ago (four years wow), I first came to the game. The community was small, tight. Some regulars numbered among Kongregate's "power users", with quite a few former / current mods in the ranks. When I needed info, I came here, to the wiki. I edited... a few times. Later on, I started playing the game League of Legends, and started editing the wikia for there. Couldn't stop, and I've been an admin on that wikia for several years now.

In my time on wikia, I came across this one superb fellow, who created user scripts that modified the monstrosities forced upon us by the corporate regime. His name was... familiar to me. monchoman45, it was. His avatar was always a Stiltskin, and legend says that he's still runnin'. Seeing him again made me realize the commitment it took to build up an entire wiki from scratch, something which I didn't fully appreciate those four years ago.

In the last year, on Kingdom of Loathing, I came across a "Minnakht". The name was again, curiously familiar. The internet is a small place, and we should take solace in the little relationships we make with the people we meet across the internets. One day we shall meet again.

Of course, monchoman was only one of many editors to grace the wiki with their knowledge and effort. To all of you who volunteered your time and energy, thank you again for helping to make the RoS community what it is. Bless your hearts.

To Flipline, if you're reading this, thanks for the game, but we all resent you for selling out to Papa.

To The_Anonymus, stop impostering me >:(